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Like my sister, BET author Marilyn Tyner, I was born in Rankin, PA, a small town outside of Pittsburgh.

I came to the Philadelphia area to attend Cheyney University. After I graduated, I began teaching, first in Chester, PA and then in Philadelphia.

I have been an avid reader since I learned to read. I read a variety of genres, but most of what I read is romance. (I like happy endings).

I began writing poetry when I was in grade school and I still do. In fact, an agent told me that my work was too poetic to sell commercially. (Two days later I received a call from Karen Thomas at Arabesque asking if my manuscript was still available because she liked it).

The manuscript was SNOWBOUND WITH LOVE, and when I hear from readers, they tell me how much they like the fact that it was so poetic.

I didn't do much writing while our children were young, but I did write an occasional short story. After they were grown and computers became readily available, I began writing in earnest. Now, I can't stop; I have all of these people poking me and nagging me to write their stories.

I retired from teaching and now write full time.

I'm active in the Mad Poet's Organization and a board member of the Philadelphia Writer's Conference.

February 2015

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a long, long time, but I’m still here. I’ve been using Facebook posts to keep people up to date so I’ve neglected my own website. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You’re probably aware that we lost my sister, author Marilyn Tyner, to a sudden heart attack last March. She was in her church on Ash Wednesday and it was after the service when it happened. Ladies, be aware that symptoms of a heart attack are different for women than for men. Please read up on them.

I am in mostly sunny, mostly warm Florida again this winter. I have a lot of news on the writing front. My second Border Patrol book, “Border Danger”, is in the hands of the publisher, Prism Book Group which published “Border Love”. It’s already been through the first edit. “Border Danger” is set in Brownsville, Texas, as was “Border Love”, but it’s not a continuation. It has different Characters and different threats.

Another manuscript, “What’s in a Name?” is in the hands of Black Opal Books. “What’s in a Name?” starts in Philadelphia then moves to a different part of the state. It concerns a graduate student who is grabbed by a government agency because his name matches one on their watch list. The main characters are agents for a different agency.

I also finally started working on Nate’s story. In case you don’t remember, Nate Harris is Chris’ brother in “Aloha Love”. Nate is the one who tried to take over every scene he was in. He didn’t stop until I promised him his own story. From time to time he’s bugged me. I figured I better give him a story before he does something drastic.

Nate’s story is set here in Florida in the Orlando area. Before I could start, though, I had to read “Aloha Love” and take notes to see what I said about him. I know if I got something wrong somebody would let me know.

On a personal note, I have to have treatment on my right eye because of swelling & a bleeding vein. It’s not life threatening nor vision threatening, but I’d like your prayers.

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Until next time,

Keep on reading & I’ll keep on writing,


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