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Like my sister, BET author Marilyn Tyner, I was born in Rankin, PA, a small town outside of Pittsburgh.

I came to the Philadelphia area to attend Cheyney University. After I graduated, I began teaching, first in Chester, PA and then in Philadelphia.

I have been an avid reader since I learned to read. I read a variety of genres, but most of what I read is romance. (I like happy endings).

I began writing poetry when I was in grade school and I still do. In fact, an agent told me that my work was too poetic to sell commercially. (Two days later I received a call from Karen Thomas at Arabesque asking if my manuscript was still available because she liked it).

The manuscript was SNOWBOUND WITH LOVE, and when I hear from readers, they tell me how much they like the fact that it was so poetic.

I didn't do much writing while our children were young, but I did write an occasional short story. After they were grown and computers became readily available, I began writing in earnest. Now, I can't stop; I have all of these people poking me and nagging me to write their stories.

I retired from teaching and now write full time.

I'm active in the Mad Poet's Organization and a board member of the Philadelphia Writer's Conference.

August 5, 2014

Hi Everybody,

I know, I know, long time no hear. I hope everybody had a great summer. I think the weather got mixed up. After a mild summer we have had several almost heat waves (It's got to be above 90 degrees for three days, I think, to be official). Anyway, enough about the weather. I have a lot going on. Check this out & see if you can make any of the events:

September 14th, The Big Blue Marble Bookstore is having a Community Festival. I'll be part of it. I'll be reading an excerpt from "Border Love" and will have copies for sale of all my books. Other authors will be participating as well. There will also be a program for kids. Fun for all.

Saturday September 27th my state representative, Cherelle Parker, will host a Senior Showcase at Finley Recreation Center from 1-4. The show will feature all kinds of talent. I'll be reading my poem, "Gone with the Wind, Thank God". I expect to enjoy all of the show and then rush over to Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church for the five o'clock service.

Sunday September 28th, I'll attend a play at Simpson House, a senior retirement home. This will probably be the last time I see Tee, who was the oldest member of the senior tap-dancing group to which I used to belong at Center in the Park. Tee is 93 and is moving out of state with her daughter. (I still tap with a group in Florida when I"m there.) She no longer taps, but has a rap that she recites. I'm looking forward to it. The play is open to the public. On the same day I'll have to miss the poetry reading at Poets on the Porch, in Fox Chase. I usually attend that so I'm sorry about missing it.

On Mondays I'll attend computer classes at the Abington Y. Later I'll attend computer classes at Enon on six Thursdays. (I am DETERMINED to master the quirks on this new computer and the new Microsoft Word Version.) Remember, my old computer died suddenly. It could have at least given me some warning, right?

Tutoring will also be starting back up t church near the end of the month. (It's a good thing my husband & son will be here with the 'puppies: Buster 120, Buddy 115 and the 'runt', Princess, at 60 pounds.)

I bit the bullet & sent queries for 'What's in a Name?' and 'Reunion' to different publishers. Now it's a matter of waiting and hoping for acceptances.

I have to get back to checking 'Love Thine Enemy' and getting it ready. Then I have to do a 'final' reading for 'Hannah's Freedom' and see if I can find a home for it.

Other than the above, I'll take it easy.

Until next time,

on reading and I'll keep on writing.


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