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Like my sister, BET author Marilyn Tyner, I was born in Rankin, PA, a small town outside of Pittsburgh.

I came to the Philadelphia area to attend Cheyney University. After I graduated, I began teaching, first in Chester, PA and then in Philadelphia.

I have been an avid reader since I learned to read. I read a variety of genres, but most of what I read is romance. (I like happy endings).

I began writing poetry when I was in grade school and I still do. In fact, an agent told me that my work was too poetic to sell commercially. (Two days later I received a call from Karen Thomas at Arabesque asking if my manuscript was still available because she liked it).

The manuscript was SNOWBOUND WITH LOVE, and when I hear from readers, they tell me how much they like the fact that it was so poetic.

I didn't do much writing while our children were young, but I did write an occasional short story. After they were grown and computers became readily available, I began writing in earnest. Now, I can't stop; I have all of these people poking me and nagging me to write their stories.

I retired from teaching and now write full time.

I'm active in the Mad Poet's Organization and a board member of the Philadelphia Writer's Conference.

April 8 2015

Hi Everybody,

Itís been a while. I hope all is well with you.

We got back from Florida on the 2nd. After three months away. Still playing catch-up, although if itís playing it should be fun, right? Anyway, thereís a local event Iím involved with. Itís free, so if you are in the area and free, please attend. Hereís the info:
WHAT: Art Sanctuary is sponsoring the Celebration of Black Writing. Iím teaching a workshop: ďCharacter, Setting and Plot, Oh My!
WHEN: Saturday, May 23 11:00-11:45
Where: Temple University, Ritter Hall & Annex. Entrance between Cecil B. Moore Ave. between Broad Street & Check the website for the whole weekend schedule:

You also might want to follow me on Facebook.

Keep on reading & Iíll keep on writing. (I have to get back to Nate & Lisaís story).


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